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Terms of use

General Terms of Service Provision on Zdisk.cz

#I. Basic terms

1. The provider is KANAZA s.r.o., Slavojova 579/9, Nusle, 128 00 Praha 2, ID: 03371212, which operates Zdisk.cz.
2. The user is any legal entity or any natural person eligible for legal acts who uses the services of Zdisk.cz.
3. A registered user is a user who registers a project on his / her email address on Zdisk.cz
4. A project means a registered space with the Zdisk.cz application on a unique email address.
5. The operation of the server means the provision of data services consisting in the technical administration of the Zdisk.cz application on the technical means of the provider.

#II. Operating conditions, rights and obligations common to all variants of Zdisk.cz

1. Provider will provide for users:
- operation of Zdisk.cz web application
- continuous operation of the server (s) on which the user service will be operated,
- continuous supervision of our own technical means, including their service
- appropriate technical support
2. All data entered in the registration, other forms and, if applicable, contracts must be true. In the event of any change to this information, the user is obliged to make a correction or request a correction from the provider. The data can be changed on-line directly via the provider's web interface or by email at podpora@zdisk.cz 3. Users may not place in the Zdisk system:
- Content that is contrary to the laws of the Czech Republic and applicable international conventions by which the Czech Republic is bound
- information that could damage the provider's or his staff's reputation
- content that is contrary to good manners. Any inclusion of user content in any of the above categories is at the sole discretion of the provider.
4. If the user violates this prohibition, the provider is entitled to delete all user data immediately. The User is liable for any damage incurred by the Provider in connection with such breach of contractual obligations
5. The registered user is responsible for all activities in the project
6. The Provider is not liable for damages caused by loss or leakage of information during the transfer of data to / from the application or during their storage on Zdisk.cz.
7. Login information (email and password) must not be disclosed to anyone or published, it is not transferable and is for one user only.
8. The User agrees that the data entered by the User will be archived. Embedded files can be indexed for search purposes
9. The User agrees to the processing of personal data ̊ pursuant to Act No. 101/2000 Coll. for the purpose of further communication and for the marketing purposes of the provider. The Provider undertakes not to use the entered data of the User otherwise than to send information about the User Account or the User Account. notifications of news in your own service offer. Email addresses will not be provided to a third party.
10. The Provider reserves the right to limit the number of registered projects.

#III. Operation of Zdisk.cz

1. In the event of an application failure, the Provider shall not be liable for damages incurred by the User or third parties as a result of damage, loss or leakage of data, failure to provide Services, or defective provision of Services.
2. The Provider reserves the right to remove User Data unless the Service is properly paid.

#IV. Final Provisions

1. The Provider reserves the right to suspend the user of the Zdisk.cz service if the User in any way violates these General Terms and Conditions.
2. The Parties undertake to inform each other without undue delay of changes in their contact details (addresses, addresses, telephone numbers, fax, e-mail, etc.).
3. The Provider reserves the right to make changes to the text of the General Terms and Conditions of Provision of Services on the server Zdisk.cz. In the event of major changes to the General Terms and Conditions, the Provider will notify the User of the change. The Provider will permanently issue the current General Terms and Conditions at www.Zdisk.cz
5. These General Terms and Conditions come into effect on 7.12.2014.

You can find information on the terms of protection and processing of your personal information HERE.